Hard-working women for Pawlet Select Board

Flower Brook watershed

Update from Jessica on good work being done for the Flower Brook watershed.

After the flooding with Hurricane Irene, the Poultney Mettowee Natural Resources Conservation District https://www.pmnrcd.org/ got a grant to work on flood resilience in the Flower Brook watershed. They consulted with people in our town and then went ahead to do some gully stabilization, tree planting to stabilize streambanks, and stormwater projects.

This grant is nearly at its end, and a climate resilience planning group is currently meeting to find ways that the towns of Pawlet, Danby, and Tinmouth can carry this important work forward. Jessica is part of this planning group and, on the Selectboard, would continue finding ways for Pawlet to pursue climate resilience.

Planting trees to stabilize streambanks is a great volunteer opportunity and can bring people together safely outdoors even during Covid. We should organize a tree-planting day in Pawlet!

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