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Radar speed signs displaying "naughty" and "nice"

Road and traffic issues

We know that many people in the town of Pawlet are affected by issues with our roads. Some of the ones we’ve experienced ourselves and have heard neighbors discuss include the dangerous intersection of Hwy 30, Hwy 133, and School Street in Pawlet Village, speed concerns in West Pawlet and issues at the monument intersection, lack of sidewalks or crosswalks, and many of the town’s gravel roads needing repair and washing out during mud season.

The town is already doing two things to address a few of these issues, and more needs to continue to be done in the future. The first positive development is that in 2020 Pawlet got a grant from the Vermont Agency of Transportation for a scoping study. This study will be about the stretch of Hwy 30 from the Barn Restaurant to Sheldon’s Market, and when it is done we will have concrete plans for what to do to improve walkability and safety along that road and intersection.

The other development is that the town is buying two radar speed signs this year, and two next year, of the kind they use in Manchester. These signs are mobile and can be set up at any spot where we are concerned about speeding. They can also be programmed with any messages we want, like Manchester’s “naughty” and “nice.”

More steps that could be taken, and that we would pursue if elected to the Selectboard, include applying for a future scoping study grant to look at traffic and walkability issues in West Pawlet, and continuing to apply for VTrans grants to improve our gravel roads and decrease runoff.

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