Hard-working women for Pawlet Select Board

Maureen Brown and Jessica Van Oort are running cooperatively for the two open seats on the Pawlet Select Board. Maureen is seeking the three year term and Jessica is seeking the one year term. Although our experiences in life are different from each other, we have the same values and the same dedication to working hard for our community. We both manage small businesses and care for our families, and we’ve both made it through hard times. 

We’re running for Select Board because we want Pawlet’s government to work for everyone, women and men, young and old, multi-generation Vermonters and newcomers. We believe people in Pawlet mostly want the same things–health, safety, well-maintained roads, quality schools for our children, jobs that can support our families, the knowledge that our tax dollars are being spent fairly and sensibly, the ability to appreciate our town’s amazing natural beauty, and the surety that we are doing all we can to leave a better world to the next generation.

Support us, and help us plant good seeds for Pawlet’s future.

View from Haystack Mountain in autumn

We will:

  • Work hard for Pawlet
  • Listen respectfully to everyone
  • Speak with honesty and transparency
  • Seek consensus and common ground
  • Stand up for people who are not usually heard
View of Pawlet farm in winter

We believe in:

  • Common solutions to community needs
  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Small local businesses
  • Safe and equitable access to community programs and services 
  • Racial justice and climate justice
  • Family and community
  • Honoring the past while looking to the future
  • Advocating for marginalized communities